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Andrew Lamberto: Experience in Labor Relations

· Andrew Lamberto,Los Angeles

Andrew Lamberto has many years of experience in Human Resources, which has led to his successful negotiations with labor unions and his work in labor relations. Andrew Lamberto, a New Jersey native, moved to Southern California in 1989 and worked for the “Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as the only Civilian Chief in that Department at that time overseeing the Administrative Services Division” for close to fifteen years. In 2005, Andrew Lamberto became the Director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County, a position that allowed him to work with employees and negotiate labor contracts with the unions in the County. He was on the management side of the table, but he “was very successful working with the Unions on contract negotiations, grievance resolution, and other labor disputes.”


Andrew Lamberto also negotiated hundreds of side letters agreements, which in the field of labor relations is a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that is not part of the main CBA negotiated with the union. Usually, management and the unions use side letters to modify the CBA or amend areas not clearly covered by the main CBA. Lamberto negotiated many CBAs in his close to eleven years as the Director of Human Resources for the County of San Bernardino, along with numerous side letter agreements.
Andrew Lamberto didn’t stop with CBA negotiations with unions. He also sponsored several Human Resources programs to help department employees, including the “My Health Matters!” initiative, highlighted by a component introduced in 2009 called “Steps to Success,” a free online health management tool designed to help employees proactively get and stay healthy, reducing healthcare costs for the entire County. Lamberto calls it “an exciting program that motivates employees to be more active, manage their weight and to help maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.”

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