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Andrew Lamberto: Why Volunteer?

· Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto is an active volunteer in Southern California. He maintains an excellent reputation professionally and he’s well-loved by those he helps.

“I do volunteer work at various shelters and non-profit organizations with a primary mission of feeding and helping homeless people in the Southern California area,” wrote Andrew Lamberto.

If you’re looking for extra reasons to volunteer, you’ll find plenty, a few of which are touched on below:

· Make Others Smile

Volunteering to help those in need helps make other people smile, which is a good feeling that can give your life meaning. The same can be said for making animals at your local shelter purr, wag their tails or otherwise feel loved.

· Grow

Volunteering will make your resume more appealing to hiring managers. Why, you ask? Because donating your time to a cause helps you grow as a person, demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile and shows that you’re not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

The hardest part of joining volunteers like Andrew Lamberto is starting. Consider taking the first step and scheduling a short shift for a week or two in the future right now!

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