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Andrew Lamberto: Respected Businessman

· Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto is a Southern California businessman who has worked in human resources for decades. Over the years, he’s earned an amazing reputation for his dedication to and passion for his field.

The following excerpt is taken from one of Andrew Lamberto’s many letters of recommendation:

“In the years that I have known Andrew, he has become one of the most respected people in our business. Andrew has been an extremely hard worker, frequently working late into the night in support of his Agency. He is intelligent, honest and quick witted with an abundance of common sense. I have now served as the manager of three independent unions and in my career I have never met a harder working, more effective manager than Andrew Lamberto. Simply stated – Andrew is the best I have ever worked with, on the management side of the fence.”

If you hope to build a career like Andrew Lamberto’s, you’ll need to demonstrate the same hard work and dedication that he does. It won’t be easy, but the rewards will be worth your effort.


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