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Andrew Lamberto: Delivering Engaging Training Presentations

· Andrew Lamberto

Andrew Lamberto is a Human Resources professional whose positions in Southern California have earned him the respect of his peers. Training and development are among his top skills and, through training presentations, he has earned a reputation for effective speaking and instruction.

Below are examples of how you can deliver engaging training presentations that earn you just as much respect as Andrew Lamberto’s did for him:

· Be Confident. Exuding confidence will get the audience’s attention. You don’t want to be cocky, but being in charge is good. Walk onto the stage quietly, take your place and, when you are ready, begin speaking.

This silent entrance can feel awkward to you, but it draws the audience’s attention and creates a positive image.

· Make Eye Contact. Making eye contact with the audience, one by one, leaves an impression. Give each audience member a sentence or a thought while holding eye contact. This connects you to the audience, and it avoids disengagement.

By making eye contact, you give each audience member the impression of learning from you and conversing with you. This creates value.

· Give, Don’t Generalize. Training presentations have outlines and goals, but in the wrong hands, key points become general ideas. Examine your presentation and make sure that it gives something to each audience member.

If you cannot identify valuable information and skills that your presentation provides better than a quick online article can, it needs to give more.

Finally, improve your training presentation skills by asking a skilled speaker like Andrew Lamberto to review your delivery. These professionals can see room for improvement that you might otherwise miss, and it can make a big difference.

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